Friday, September 20, 2013

Birth of Cinema Blog Post--Part 2

I chose this film to write about because it was short and simple.  If this movie was made in the 21st century people would be bored by it, and confused by its significance.  But back then, the mere moving picture was a revelation of it's own, so people were probably shocked and thrilled to see something like this.  I would be.  I liked how the actors in this were pretty bad and they exaggerated a lot, but even so, the film was popular and interesting. That just shows that back then, the actual story and believability of a film wasn't as important as the camera work itself.

Birth of Cinema: Wresting Match Review

My name is Ferdinand McGee and I am a man.  I watched the Wresting Match in a theater yesterday with my family and it was spectacular!  It really looked like people were having a wresting match right in front of my eyes, it was so smooth and real.  But to me, surreal.  I loved how they wrestled with so much passion.  It inspired me and made me laugh, chuckle, giggle, roar, snicker, and go "ho ho ho."   I thoroughly enjoyed it and I can't wait to see another film sometime in the near future.