Thursday, November 13, 2014

In-Class Assignment Assignment

Anna Eva Kotyza / Karenna Lief November 13th, 2014
Film Aesthetics  In-Class Assignment

Everyone gets a slip of paper with a type of cue, surface division or space, and a still from a film to represent that. Over the course of two weeks, the student must make a short film demonstrating their cue, surface division or space; the majority of their shots articulating that space type, and the tone of their film replicating the assigned still.
Additionally, the student must write a one-two paragraph reflection describing the motivation of space in the shots and how the tone of the film emulates the tone of the still.

Students will be graded on:

  1. The level of the students understanding of their assigned space.
  2. How the students reflection articulates their use of space.
  3. How well the students shots demonstrated their assigned space.
  4. How closely their film resembled the tone of the given still.

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